Timer with Two Photogates

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Cat. No. : “EDU582/005”
It should include a cylinder with a height of at least 480 mm, a diameter of at least 30 mm and be combined with a set of up to couples and an electronic stopwatch with a storage device. Shall include at least four up to couples with an optical recording system and an electronic stopwatch with a storage device.
Composition: – a stable base (stand) with a graduated angle of inclination of the device and a display (screen) for displaying the time of passage of the ball in at least three intervals – at least 1 pc.
device (cylinder) with at least 4 optical sensors for recording the movement of the body on an inclined plane – at least 1 pc.
ball – at least 1 pc.
power supply – at least 1 pc.
Complete with methodological recommendations with original experiments – at least 1 pc.