STUDENT Kit – Electricity

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Cat. No. : “EDU115/06” 
Student Electricity Experiment Kit
Comprehensive set of apparatus for conducting 28 fundamental student experiments on electricity. Arrives in a durable Gratnells tray with foam inlay, featuring custom recesses molded to fit each apparatus, all covered by a transparent lid. 
Circuits are easily assembled using plug-in components housed on a plug-in board. 
Power can be sourced from 2 D-cell LR20 1.5V batteries (batteries not included) or from an external power supply. 
Kit includes: 
1 Plug-in Board for Components 
2 Battery Holders 
1 Set of Conductors and Non-Conductors 
1 Set of 10 E10 lamps (1.3V, 60mA) 
1 Set of 10 E10 lamps (3.8V, 300mA) 
3 E10 lamp sockets 
2 Change-over switches 
1 Single pole Toggle switch 
1 Single pole Push-button (NO) 
1 Roll of chrome-nickel wire 
1 Roll of constantan wire 
1 Roll of iron wire 
1 Set of 10 connecting plugs 
6 4mm Connecting plugs 
6 Crocodile clips 
1 Potentiometer (220Ω) 
1 Linear Resistor (47Ω, 2W) 
2 Linear Resistors (100Ω, 2W) 
2 Zinc plates 
2 Copper plates 
2 Carbon plates 
1 Glass trough 
1 Set of 3 red experiment leads 
1 Set of 3 blue experiment leads 
1 Roll of experiment cord
1 50g Weight
1 Tea candle