Precision Balance

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Cat. No. : “EDU571/138”

0.01g Accuracy: The lab scale is equipped with a built-in high sensitivity sensor, allowing it to deliver accurate and quick results with an accuracy of 0.01g. This precision ensures reliable measurements for various applications. The adjustable feet and level bubble design further enhance accuracy by ensuring stability in different environments. Capacity 1000g
Multi-functional: This electronic analytical balance offers a wide range of functions to accommodate diverse weighing needs. It includes 13 units conversion options, such as grams, carats, ounces, pounds, and percentage. Additionally, it features tare/zero functionality for subtracting container weight, a counting function for tallying multiple items, and calibration capability to maintain accuracy over time.
Quality Material: The analytical balance is constructed with an ABS body and a large stainless steel weighing pan (120mm), ensuring durability and stability during use. The LCD display with blue backlighting provides clear visibility of results in any lighting condition. Moreover, it includes indicators for low battery and overload conditions, allowing users to monitor the status of the balance easily.