Magnetic Stirrer, Hot Plate, Magnetic Stir Bar

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Cat. No. : “EDU406/007”
Hot Plate, magnetic stir bar HS-12, Magnetic stirrer with hot pot (Max temperature: 280°c) with Detachable foot-long support bar with clamp to allow easy, secure placement of a thermometer or pH probe.
Enclosed cast aluminum heating surface to resists chemical spills.
Sturdy turn dials (one for temperature controls and one for stirring speed controls)
Max. stirring quantity of H2O at least 1 L.
Speed: 0-1600 r.p.m
3pcs of Mixed size (C5/B6 * 15 mm, C6/B7 * 20 mm, C6/B8 * 25 mm/) PTFE magnetic stir bar