Human Skeleton Model

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Cat. No. : “EDU255/025”
Full size skeleton shall include a spine model with and cartilage connections, an anatomical skull model, detachable arms and legs, and a wheeled support stand to hold the min 178 cm tall human body model.
The skeletal model shall include an anatomically accurate human skull model with detachable jaw and skull cap, spine model with cartilage connections and artery and nerve branches, pelvic model, and arms and legs;
The skeleton anatomy model shall be able to replicate natural movements at the joints;
Arms, legs, and anatomy skull model are removable for individual study;
The removable skeleton skull cap shall offer a deeper look into the human skull model to review the endocranium cavity and sinus cavities
The skeleton figure shall be numbered to help locate various bones and areas;
Shall be Constructed of high-quality PVC.
The articulated skeleton prop shall include a metal stand with plastic castor wheels and a laminate poster in Armenian detailing at least 170 anatomical skeleton landmarks.