Human Body Model

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Product details

Cat. No. : “EDU249/024”
Model Tall: 45cm (at least)
Gender: Unisex
Material: PVC Plastic
Detachable torso human anatomy model with enough details.
23 Parts & Organs (at least): Divided into 23 pieces: torso, female thorax, head, eyeball, brain, a spinal nerve, lung (2 pieces), heart (2 pieces), liver, kidney, stomach (2 pieces), intestine (4 pieces), male reproductive organs (2 pieces), female reproductive organs with fetuses (3 pieces).
Vivid Details: The human anatomy model shall show the relative positions, morphological characters, anatomical structures of the head, neck, and internal organs with particular reference to respiratory, digestive, urinary, and nervous systems.
Move & Use: This human body model shall have a base to support the torso model, stably stand on the tabletop. It shall possible to move or carry for classroom teaching easily.
The model shall include the labeled diagram for the 23 parts of the model, in Armenian.