First-Aid Box

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Product details

Catalogue No.: “EDU548/0138”
• Consisting of: Gauze, Bandage, Cotton, Anker last, 3% NaHCO3 (sodium hydrogen carbonate) solution, Iodine tincture, ointment for burns, CuSO4·5H2O (hydrated copper sulfate), 3BO3 (boric acid), FeCl3 (iron chloride III), KMnO4 (potassium permanganate), C3 8O3 (glycerin)
• It contains a wide range of medical items that comes in handy in case of an emergency or accident.
• It serves as the first line of treatment before the medical help arrives. Whether it’s a cut, burn, or any other injury, the kit will help clean and treat it immediately. In addition, it can be easily carried around.
• Helps in cleaning and dressing of all kinds of wounds
• Travel friendly
• Safe and Effective.