Classroom DNA Electrophoresis Lab Station

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Cat. No. : “EDU117/07”
Complete Electrophoresis system
Electrophoresis Apparatus-UV-transparent bottom, 2 comb positions, gel size 10 x 10 cm; made of UV and chemical resistant Plexiglas; Including safety plug with integrated power connections and comb with 12 pockets.
Electrophoresis Power Supply-Stabilized power supply for both DNA and protein separation. Adjustable output voltage, timer with alarm function, two outputs for connecting of at least 2 electrophoresis chambers simultaneously.
Output voltage: 300 Volt (in 50 Volt stages),
Output current: 400 mA, Power consumption: 60 Watt,
Input voltage: ~100-240 Volt, AC.
Timer function: 1-999 min. with alarm function,
Gel visualization system- Dual LED Blue/White Light Transilluminator with amber filter unit. Emission maximum of blue LED 470nm.
Gel electrophoresis kit with Gel Green® dye DNA staining with detailed experiment procedure in Armenian
User manual in Armenian